Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas, Yuletide/Solstice Blessings, Happy Holidays to you all!! We can’t believe it’s come (and gone) so fast this year but we had a wonderful day. 

We piled into the back of Mummy’s car (as Daddy’s is still in the garage being worked on) by 11am on the 25th December and headed out to Nanna’s place as that’s where we were celebrating this year. This year was extra special as it was Chantilly’s very first Christmas ever and it was Copper’s first Australian/Summer Christmas with us, so we had lots to celebrate. 

When we got to Nanna’s we were so excited, we actually had a table and chairs of our very own this year!! No more balancing on piles of boxes, books and pillows on chairs so we could reach the big table!!  We knew exactly where we were supposed to sit as we saw piles of gifts waiting for each of us on the chairs. 

As you can see we got completely spoilt by our Friends, Family and Santa. It was so much fun shredding the wrapping paper off the gifts and Tilly kept giggling like crazy at the ripping sounds. 

Once all the gifts had been opened (rattled/shredded/gifted) it was time to have lunch. Supper yummy cold meat – roast pork, ham and roast duck in hoisin sauce, and salad. Sooo good. We even had chocolate coated bacon again which Hicks absolutely adores, no surprise though it’s delicious!! 

After lunch and mini food coma we got our traditional photo taken in front of the Christmas tree again and then had fun pulling Christmas Crackers. 

We were ready for dessert by then of a super yummy gingerbread man trifle Nanna made. Somehow after all that it was near 7pm-ish and we had to pile back into the car and head back home to Horsham. 

We had a lot of fun and were super tired when we got home. We hope your day however you celebrate it was as filled with fun, love and laughter like ours was. 

Merry Christmas!! Xoxo 💗 


Chantilly’s Adventure

On Monday the 27th November I got to go on my very first solo adventure with Nanna and Mummy to the town of Ballarat. Benaud, Hicks and Chloe have all been on a trip like this before but now it was my turn and I was so excited. 

Mummy and I had to get up really early in the morning to be ready to go and by 5:55am we were dressed and waiting for Nanna to come pick us up in her car. 

First part of the morning we got to do some Christmas shopping at Big W, Mummy made sure I was clicked in safely in the seat on the trolley and off we went. The lady who was working as the door greater there said I was the cutest and best behaved customer she’d seen, yay me! 

After Big W we did some more shopping in Bridge Mall before Mummy and Nanna said that it was time for a quick rest and snack break. 

Capri Cafe had a really yummy zucchini slice that was gluten free so Nanna could eat it and their iced chocolate was so yummy, we were totally ready to head to the next place after that. 

Once all the shopping was done we took a drive down by Lake Wendouree and the black Swans there were all out and about with their babies!! This pair was right near the road and let us get some photos. 

After more errands were done we headed back home with a quick pitstop in Ararat, first at the caltex roadhouse where I got a piece of fish and some chocolate milk. 

After nibbles we headed off again, but had to get this photo of this awesome semi-trailer to show Daddy, it looked great.  Nanna took a few roads around Ararat and we ended up out the front of a place called J Ward ( we got right in front of the big doors that they used to transport the prisoners through, but they would not open up for me. I must be a good girl then! 

After J Ward Nanna stopped at Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre ( for me to explore the front garden. We’re going to go in another day when my brothers and sister are with me. 

Once I finished exploring it was back in Nanna’s car and back home to Horsham. I was pretty tired by then and had had a lot of fun. I can’t wait for my next adventure!! 

Chantilly 🌻 

Spooky Fun. 

On Saturday the 4th November we had our annual Halloween Party, as the 31st actually landed on a Tuesday this year and Daddy had to work. But that’s ok, we still had a blast of a time. 

This year our visiting friend from North Carolina, Scooter Wojack was the designated taste-tester (victim) as our brother-bear Ozzie was once again away overseas. He’s currently staying with our lovely Facebook friend Edward Ted and his family in Wales. Benaud as usual was master food creator with Nanna. 

There was mayhem with mice (really yummy strawberries and cheese), a pumpkin shaped cheese ball, chocolate coated bacon (Hicks’s favourite) and other amazing savoury scary looking nibbles. 

Then there was dessert… Yummy toxic waste and home made blood icecream also made by Benaud and Kitchen Assistant Nanna. So delicious.

It was also Chantilly’s very first Halloween ever and needless to say after the fun we had together on the fourth she’s very much looking forward to the next Halloween in 2018. But that’s so far away for now, but still it’s fun to think about!! 

Catch up! 

I can’t believe it’s been ages since we actually had a chance to make a decent post… June 8th maybe was the last time?? So much has happened since so we’ll try and bring you up to date on what’s been happening since the laptop decided it didn’t want to be nice and work for us any more. 


So the biggest thing that happened in June has everything to do with the blog name change here and over on instagram and Facebook… Our family of two humans and three bears became two humans and four bears with the arrival of sister Chantilly! 

She’s a little pocket rocket who dresses like a crayon box (the more colour the better), her favourite colour is yellow and she loves bugs but her most favourite bug is the ladybug 🐞. 


July was busy. We had our first full family roadtrip to explore the Silo Art Trail we have here in our part of country Victoria. Our visiting friend Scooter Wojack from North Carolina is still with us and came along as well.

Rupanyup Silos
Sheep Hills Silos
Brim Silos
Lascelles Silos
Patchewollock Silos

The silos are amazing and it took most of the day to travel the trail to see them all but it was definitely worth it. They’re amazing and there’s even a new one being painted now that is becoming part of the trail also so we look forward to seeing that one when it’s completed. 

In July it was also Chloe’s 3rd birthday on the 16th. We celebrated it with a Rainbow 🌈 themed birthday party on the Sunday and a lot of our online friends joined in as well which was wonderful. 


In August we celebrated Chantilly becoming an official member of the Australian branch of the Teddy Bear Scouts. 

We held her promise ceremony out at Nanna’s place with Crystal Bear standing in as Leader to hear her make her promise and to officiate her as a member. To celebrate Tilly made us some rainbow 🌈 cookies thus earning her baking badge straight away! 


In September it was Hicks’s 3rd birthday on the 3rd September. We had his birthday party on the 10th of September as Mummy had a bad flu and it would not have been any fun if she couldn’t have joined in. 

Hicks’s party had a “Gone Fishing” theme and it was so much fun with fishing 🎣 related decorations, food and Nanna and Benni made a fishing themed cake where we all had to “fish” out a gummy worm!! 


Finally in October… We had a new family member join us. Our instagram friend Copper who lived in McMinville, Oregon with Kiki and many other wonderful Vermont bears chose to adopt us! 

Copper packed his suitcase, said heartfelt goodbyes to Kiki and the rest of the McMinnieville Hug and moved to Australia with us. We have loved having him here and have welcomed him into our family with open arms. Benaud and Hicks have been doing their best to introduce Copper to Australian foods and drinks and Chantilly and Chloe are busy teaching him other Aussie ways. The plan is on the 26th January 2018, which is Australia 🇦🇺 Day, Copper will become a full Australian Citizen, cementing his adoption into our family. 

Last bit of excitement worth mentioning in October was the day our town got hit by such a sudden heavy downpour of rain our street flooded!! 

Thankfully it sank away via the drains overnight once the rain stopped as by the following morning all the water was gone and you would never have guessed the street was under water the evening before unless you’d seen it. 

That brings us up to now, we’re having a belated Halloween party this Saturday on the 4th November so that will be fun. 

So until then thanks for reading… It’s great to be back. 

Glitches and Changes

Sorry we haven’t posted much recently, we’ve been having a few computer glitches with our laptop which has been making posting anything very difficult.   Mummy and Daddy are currently working on getting that sorted out so hopefully soon we can be back properly and fill you in on what’s going on….

Especially the big change we have coming…it’s so exciting.    But until the glitches are worked out, we hope you are all wonderful and taking care of yourselves!

Benaud, Hicks, Chloe and *watch this space*

Chocolate Over Indulgence Day!




Yesterday was Easter Sunday here…or as we like to call it in our house “Chocolate Over Indulgence Day” or “Chocolate Delivered by Bunnies Day”.   We hope you all, how ever you choose to celebrate it, had as much fun on the day as we did yesterday!

Sunday morning we – well Hicks, Scooter and I along with Mummy and Daddy – were up early and dressed in our outfits for the day so we could load the yummies Mummy had made into the Eski, then all get into Dad’s car Rocky and head out to Nanna’s place where she, our cousins and Benni were waiting for us to arrive.
Benni had been staying out at Nanna’s since the Thursday before to do all the Easter Baking with her.

When we got there it was fantastic, we got a chance to have a look at the treats the Easter Bunny left for us at Nanna’s place, he even left a chocolate Easter Bilby for Scooter to either eat or post back to his family in North Carolina.  Hicks is trying to convince him to eat it but last we heard was that Scooter was dead set on posting it home to his wife Honeychuck!

After checking out the treats and the photo taking, everyone started to find a seat around the little table as we were all starting to get hungry.

As usual there were so many choices to nibble on, but the most favourite was the crispy bacon. With Daddy and Hicks in the room it was a case of “quick grab some before they nom it all!!”  Daddy and Hicks are bacon addicts and are not ashamed to show it!   There was also some roast chicken, ham-pickle bites, pickled onions, twiggy sticks, white Hungarian Salami, gherkins, cherry tomatoes, Brie, Camembert, Swiss cheese to nibble as well.   There were also a choice of three dips and crackers also if anyone was interested.  A yummy selection of nibbles that filled everyone up quite quickly!


After a while we had a chance to get some more photos taken, as Mummy wanted a nice group shot of the three of us together for our Easter card next year.  We also couldn’t resist a photo of Benni, Nanna and Hicks together as they were all wearing white bunbun slippers on!   Benni kept trying to talk Nanna into getting herself a white BunBun onsie also but that didn’t work very well.


By that time Hicks announced he was getting hungry again (no surprises there) so Benni with the help of Nanna bought out one of the desserts he helped to make for the day.  Tim Tam Easter eggs on Strawberry meringue beds.  There was also a dark Tim Tam basket that held a bunch of tiny M&Ms eggs in it also.  Mega Yum!

Then he and Nanna bought out the final Easter treat…the cake he had been working on for the past day or two.  It was so good!   It was a rich chocolate mud cake of an Easter Bunny in his burrow surrounded by Easter eggs.   So delicious.   Benni and kitchen assistant Nanna did an amazing job.

Needless to say we literally rolled ourselves home at the end of the day.   It was so much fun filled with great food and lots of laughter.   We hope your day was just as fun….now please excuse us as we play fridge Tetris to fit all the left overs inside so we can live off them for the next few days!

Happy Easter!